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All my life I have been drawn to the visual details of things. As a child, I could be found turning over rocks in the garden to find tiny bugs or examining objects with a magnifying glass. I have always known myself to have a heightened awareness of shape, texture, color and the tiniest of details. Photography is an exciting way to express what I see. The wonderful thing about photography is that you have to actually be there and experience whatever you are after to be able to capture it.

I’m still out there, turning over rocks and examining things through a lens. I am continuing to learn more about the technical and visual aspects of photography and accumulate more gear to enable my vision to become visible to others. I’m going to keep exploring the world around me to find those little details that excite me. I hope you will visit my albums often.

In addition to gathering images for myself, I am a freelance Product Photo Stylist working mainly with soft goods - clothing and accessories - for catalogs and web stores. It’s fun to be on the other side of the camera, setting up the shot. My need for detail is satisfied in that situation, but in this case, it’s not so close-up.

I am an avid knitter and spinner. I also design and sew clothing and accessories in both fabric and leather, and I’m a pretty good cook. I ride a bicycle. I am a mother to three young adult men, who have flown the coop to make their own way in life. I have a wonderful, smart and talented husband/best friend who understands and appreciates what I have to offer. We grow much of what we eat. We manufacture a fine garden tool, the Gulland broadfork. Visit us at Also, please visit my Etsy shop!